Foreign Investment Facilitation Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register to submit FIFP application online ?
In order to submit a application to FIFP through the web portal, user has to register first. At the time of registration, the details such as Name, Telephone, Mobile, Email etc. need to be provided. After filling in all the details, a one time password (OTP) for specific request no. is sent to the mobile no./email entered in the registration form for verification of the mobile. After user enters the OTP received against that specific request no., another SMS giving the details of login id is sent by the system along with an email containing a web link. After user clicks on the web link received in his/her email id, he/she can assign password and activate the login to access the portal.
2. Do I need to register separately for each application?
User can submit/track only one application through one login id. Therefore, for submitting multiple applications, multiple registrations are required.
3. Do I need to register for filing a query?
User need to undergo registration process for filing a query. This one time registration process facilitates the entire process.
4. Do I need to register for Downstream Intimation?
Yes, the registration process is required.
5. How do I file queries against old proposal?
Now all the queries whether it is related to old proposals or new proposals will need to be filed only after registration.
6. What if I do not receive one time password sent for verification of mobile no.?
One time password is sent on the mobile no. provided by the user in registration form. In case it is not received then user should check the correctness of the mobile number. If the number is correct then either user has to wait for SMS for that or regenerate the OTP as well as the request no. The OTP is also sent to email id provided on the registration form.
7. What if email provided on the registration form has been misspelt?
System sends an auto mail with web link to the email id provided on the registration form. If it was misspelt inadvertently, the mail would not be delivered. However, a request id is sent to mobile no. of the user. User can click on the tab Resend Mail of the Registration Form to provide correct id and receive mail with web link to assign password and activate login id.
8. What if I can not read the Captcha displayed on the screen clearly ?
User has an option to regenerate Captcha displayed on various screens. In case the Captcha displayed is not clear (particularly due to similarity of Characters 0 and O, 1 and l etc.), this option can be used to regenerate the Captcha image displayed on the screen.
9. Do I need to complete the entire FIFP application in single session?
The application form has eight tabs viz. Proposal details, Application Details, Investee, Investee activities, Investor, Downstream, Shareholding and Documents Upload. The tabs become visible after completion of the preceding tab. Once the first tab (Application Details) is completed, system generates an application no. Thereafter, user can save the application as draft and continue to work on the same and add/modify/delete details as per requirements. However, once the application is submitted to FIFP, it will no longer be editable.
10. What is the next step after submitting the application online?
After electronic submission of the application the user will receive email/sms alert to submit a physical copy of the application to the concerned competent authority.
11. Which documents need to be uploaded at the time of submission of application?
Application may go through the SoP for submission mandatory documents. Summary of Proposal on Company (Applicant) Letterhead. Certificate of Incorporation (COI). Memorandum of Association (MOA). Board Resolution. Audited Financial Statement of Last Financial Year. Article of Association. LLP Draft. LLP Agreement. Income Tax Return of Last Year. Passport Copy/ Identification Proof. A copy of the JV agreement/shareholders. Agreement / technology transfer / trademark / brand assignment agreement (as applicable), in case there are existing ventures. Copy of relevant past FIPB/SIA/RBI approvals, connected with the current proposal (In case of amendment proposal) Diagrammatic representation of the flow and funds from the original investor to the Investee Company and Pre and Post shareholding pattern of the Investee Company. FIRC. In the cases of investments by entities, which themselves are pooled investment funds, the details such as names and addresses of promoters, investment managers as well as all the contributors to the investment fund. The comments of the Indian partners / technical / trademark collaborators about the new venture, on their official letter heads, with name and contact address of the signatory of the comments. Any additional Relevant Document.
12. Is there any restriction on the size and format of the document to be uploaded?
Yes. Maximum file size for uploaded files is 10 MB and format should be in pdf format.
13. What if I forget my password?
In case user forgets his/her password, he/she can click on Forgot Password link on the login screen which displays another screen where he/she can enter login id and receive One Time Password for specific request no. on Mobile/Email to reassign password.
14. How can I track status of the application once submitted to FIFP?
Inside the login area, an option is provided to the user to track status of the application submitted to FIFP. Apart from this, system will send SMS/Email alerts at salient steps of the processing such as Query raised by Administrative Ministry etc.
16. How can I get clarifications on issues related to Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) Policy?
All Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Policy related queries to be submitted in prescribed proforma as given in the following link: [] and email to fc-dipp[at]
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17. I have obtained FIPB approval in the past and now I need FIFP approval. Should I submit the proposal as a Fresh Case?
If any FIPB approval has been given to the applicant/company, the proposal should be submitted under the category of Amendment Cases. In case the applicant files a fresh application instead of an amendment as stated above, the proposal would be treated as closed and the applicant would be asked to file an amendment application.
18. I am unable to view some documents like Agenda/Press Release etc.
Some documents are viewed in the pop up windows. To view such documents you need to enable pop ups in your browser settings.
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19. I am unable to submit a query. While submitting query to the FIFP, system shows invalid message.
While submitting query, only alphabets,numbers(0-9) and some special characters like .,(/-)& are allowed. If you type any characters other than these system will show invalid message.
20. Is there any fee for filing an online application?
There is no fee for filing an online application.
21. If the sector is not available in the sector/ sub sector module?
If the applicant is unable to file in a particular sector, they may file the application under the closest sector to the activities of the company.
22. What, if the Hard Copy of application is not submitted at the Competent Authority Facilitation Counter?
If the Hard copy has not been filed within 10 days of filing the application online, the proposal filed would be treated as closed.
23. What, if the Hard Copy of a dummy proposal is not submitted at the Competent Authority?
If a dummy proposal has been filed, and the hard copy has not been submitted, it would be closed within 10 days of filing the proposal online.
24. What sector has to be selected for proposal pertaining to LLP?
For applicants filing for LLP, a separate drop down option LLP proposals has been opened up for selection under the sector/ sub sector tab
25. What sector should be selected where the proposal is regarding swap of shares?
For applicants filing for swap of shares, The activities falling under the Government route sector - select the relevant sector. The activities falling under the Automatic route sector - a separate drop down option swap of shares for automatic route has been opened up for selection under the sector/sub sector tab.
26. What if any previous approval has been taken and an amendment case has to be filed?
If any previous approval has been taken, the relevant reference number of the approval letter has to be given mandatorily. It should be noted that, an application pertaining to amendment, if filed as fresh would be returned.
27. Where to file a query related to FDI policy?
All Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Policy related queries to be submitted in prescribed proforma as given in the following link: [] and email to fc-dipp[at]
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28. Where do I file the Questionnaire?
The questionnaire format is available under the comprehensive corner under the heading forms. The same can be printed out and the duly filed hard copy can be submitted to Department of Pharma, DIPP and DEA.
29. Where can I get the document for submitting the quarterly compliance report of the conditionalities contained in the approval letter to be certified by the companys auditor for proposals pertaining to pharmaceutical sector?
The Documents is available under the comprehensive corner under the heading forms The same can be printed out and the duly filed hard copy can be submitted to Department of Pharmaceutical, DIPP.
30. How can I withdraw my proposal and at what stage?
The proposal can be withdrawn after electronic submission and before it is not decided by Competent Authority. Once it is decided there is no way to withdraw. To withdraw a proposal, go to Withdraw Proposal option given under Proposal Menu in your account. There you have to upload a PDF document stating the reason of withdrawal duly attested by company and provide any remarks(optional).
31. How to get New Security Clearance from MHA?
The format of Security Clearance form has been changed and is available on the portal (Comprehensive Corner-Forms). Kindly upload the new form else your application will not be entertained.
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32. How to maintain certificate of origin of the goods, in respect of foreign investment beyond 51 percent in Single Brand Retail Trading sector as provided in para (2) (e) of FDI Policy 2017?
The Indian Investee Company shall maintain certificate of origin of the goods and adequate records of the actual sourcing certified by the Statutory Auditors of the company in respect of goods sourced from India as necessary to comply with the provisions regarding 30 percent local sourcing from India.